Wednesday, April 28, 2010

to affinity and beyond.

i have a strange affinity to buying jewelry. i say strange because i don't actually wear any. i wear some time to time, now and then, mostly just some statement necklaces but otherwise, they all just sit in my ikea tree looking pretty. i've come to gradually realise this over the years and have toughened down on what i buy. i used to get a whole heap of cheap assortments of things but never ever wore them, because that's what they were, cheap and thus never looked nice. now i buy more in investment pieces, ones that stand out, not necessarily with a hefty price tag, but ones that i will knowingly feel special in, like i've made that extra effort.

the above photos are an assortment of things i've gotten over the past year or so and naturally all from etsy. i find that being a handmade site, i will always find something new and unique with reasonable prices.

1. a ceramic skull ring from mixko. this was made in limited edition so none of these are available anymore in this style. they do although have some left over with rhinestones in their eyes, which i personally thought was a bit distracting. they also had at one point a baby doll head ring in ceramic which was creepy but slightly calming.

2. a beautifully crafted copper cuff from jewelstreet. i fell in love with this one straight away and asked if it was possible to reserve it. she was awesome enough to say yes (that's another thing about etsy, they are all so lovely). i prefer silver, which she said she would be able to make up if i wished, but i couldn't afford it at the time as it was quite a bit more. but i had to have this cuff no matter what colourway it is.

3. this piece is amazing. i love it because as a child i used to love collecting the christmas beetles in qld where i used to live. but now in vic i haven't seen one at all, so this was a great way of showcasing them. also because it has been set in resin you can import it as it comes from the usa. it was made by kolosstudios. they have a wonderful selection of pieces and if bugs isn't your thing, they have cast other things in resin also.

4. super cute faux moss ring from adornjewelry. i was jealous for a while when i found this because in the states they have such a cute variety of moss jewelry and of course with import customs i would never be able to own such a thing, until i came across this. i thought it was so clever because it will also never die. i got quite a lot of complements when i wore this and it was fun to play with while bored as well as the texture is nice.

5. this necklace was so amusing when i stumbled across it and i laughed for a while then bought it straight away. i felt very gansta. haha. it comes from nat1489 and is still available. i love wearing it. i still find it amusing and i got it quite some time ago.

6. this is one of the most recent purchases. well ben got it for me for my birthday. it was handcrafted by jewelerjim and he's super! the ring wasn't in my listed size but he remade it all for me again with no extra charge. it is such a beautiful ring and looks amazing on. i've worn this ring a lot more then some of my rings i've owned for over year, but i've only had this one for over a month. he has such beautifully designed pieces in his store, some way out of my price range, but still amazing. if only.

another thing i love about etsy, is that, if a piece isn't in a limited edition collection, it will still be there months to come, if the seller sees fit to continue making it. compared to consumer fashion, where it's there one week and gone the next, never to be seen again. this is one strong ill wishing emotion i have towards it. ben will say something like, think about, next time, or i will want to check out my bank balance and then when i want to get it, it's gone. the amount of times it has happened to me it's not funny. especially in this year alone, where i have only done online shopping, then it's open to the world and not just the locals. so i'm very close to learning my lesson, if i love it, wait a day or two, then get it. if money permits. oh how money pains me.

what are your favourite pieces new and old? are you like me, where you own lots of things but never actually wear any of it?

- her.

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