Saturday, January 30, 2010


yes. thats right. you can pre order your pair of jeffrey campbell's clinic wedge.

selling for only $179.95 at these babies are selling upward of $300 on eBay. theres a limit of 3 per customer. so buy in now and sell on later to make some monies! but keep a pair for yourself, naturally. only sizes US 8, 9 and 10 are left but they said if you don't get in this time round, they will have more at a later date. if i knew they were bringing these shoes back i wouldn't of spent nights searching for them and then win a bidding war for an *ahem* undisclosed amount of money. (ben, don't hate on me. how was i to know?) plus they have free international shipping for orders over $199. which shouldn't be that hard considering all the other shoes they have on offer.

news flash. size 10 is now out of stock. doesn't take long for these loverly shoes to sell does it. sigh. while you are getting some shoes for yourself, buy me a pair of xenon's will you? size 8. you're amazing. thanks!

- her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

version 2.0 - new jeffrey campbell, c'est moi.

i've decided to pull down my preious post on the new jeffrey campbell wedges that was a collaboration with Emily.L, winner of the competition. i believe i went a little hard on my post but i still do believe what i wrote, just that i probably shouldn't of posted it in my moment of grumpyness. i tend to do that a lot, get passionate about something i do or do not believe in, write it out, email someone, forum post (i have banned myself from forums), then realise afterwards that if i took the chance to calm down a little, what i wrote wouldn't of been so heated and in turn possibly insult someone. which doesn't help anyone.

so. once again. in a nicer way, here are the new jeffrey campbell wedges, c'est moi.

you can buy them exclusively on and are only US$135. i'm pretty sure i'll be getting them in black. i've been looking for a pair of studded heels for quite some time now and since i've also recently pledged to only buy wedges, i think i've found my pair. also knowing that the 2 other jeffrey campbells i own are comfortable, i'm pretty positive these will be too as they are only a 3" rise. i still feel though that i should mention as winner of the competition, Emily.L, won a collaboration with jeffrey campbell to make her dream shoe. her entry into and's competition is a photo post with a pair of baby blue (they look beige) flats from topshop that are pretty much identical to the c'est moi. in her entry she writes: "I love these cus theyre so pretty, and the faded blue, almost denim colour works with almost everything. As much as i love heels, these are so much more practical, and studs make any outfit look better. They are my perfect shoes." i could say quite a few things thats wrong with this, but i won't. i'll leave that up for you to ponder on. this is also where i leave this before i once again start ranting.

that's all for now. i need to find my boyfriend as he went to the 24hr grocery store a while ago and hasn't come back yet.

- her.

Friday, January 15, 2010

being neat is not always a good thing.

i've been making A LOT of necklaces lately. i've found a style that i am working with and change it depending on the beads/stones i am using. i have some new stones in the mail that i'm excited about and can't wait to get creative with.

although. i have a problem. i'm too neat. i need to make sure that everything looks balanced when draping my chains and make sure that things are symmetrical and hang just right. yeah it's good in some ways so the piece is aesthetically pleasing in some sense. but i find that when looking at other pieces using the same sort of stones, i gravitate towards the messier necklaces. ones with no boundaries, ones that arent balanced, ones that don't use all silver and mix up the colours and stones in a way i would find blasphemous. i look at these necklaces and began to think i really wish i could let go of rules and make ones such as these. i know i can't. so i start thinking of a way i can save my money to buy them instead because they really are amazing necklaces and i know i can't do it myself.

all necklaces made by loveheylola via etsy. ofcourse.

they are a beautiful mess of chain that makes me want to pull them off my screen and wear them now. plus i've always loved larger statement necklaces. i have found over the years that single chain necklaces with a small charm on them just dont fit in with what i wear or how i look. larger bib sort necklaces on the other hand look a lot better on me, i think it might be due to my round face. so it kind of balances out my upper body area or something. i also wear more simpler tops so it makes for a good addition to an outfit. also the colour really pops as a lot of my clothing is black.

in the end i think my need for these necklaces i've shown is largely due to the fact it's something i cannot do. something that is beyond me that makes it very wantable. kind of like something you can't have. but it's not only due to the fact i can't be messy, it's also because they are a beautiful collection of stones collaborated with the chain to make a perfect mess of awesome. even if i could be messy i would still very much love these necklaces and i hope i can own them myself before someone else buys them. they were only listed just a few days ago.

i have a birthday in sixty days. thanks.

- her.

Friday, January 08, 2010

introducing chester.

this is the chester series. chester is the name of the style and it will essentially be the same length of chain with different stones and the threading of the smaller chain will be different each time, or the same depending if it's any easier to follow a previously made one. although at the moment i have no more chain to thread with so i have to order it in bulk from the states as spotlight doesn't have any. i'm pretty happy with the outcome and also how it is so versatile in the sense of being able to have different gemstones each time. most of the time i will have two of each kind as the 16" strands (which is the standard to buy gemstones as) can accommodate two necklaces.

this will be up on etsy by the end of the weekend, as it's now nearly 3am and taking photos in sunlight isn't really possible right now. i used a mirror to reflect more light onto the necklace in the photos above. pretty clever.

i also have another necklace i have designed and that will also be up on etsy soon. exciting times. if only we have more than one neck to adorn with handmade goods with. maybe one for drinking with and one for eating with then maybe another for breating with, so then we don't get things down the wrong one and choke. genius.

- her.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

turquoise chain necklace

i told you i would re-do the turquoise necklace. it was quite a feat taking it apart and untangling the mess of chain. but i got there. then i redid the mess. but better. i'm letting it go on etsy and madeit as i'm still really picky at how the turquoise doesn't sit straight. i don't remember if i mentioned that previously or not. doesn't matter. it doesn't affect the aesthetic of it, i just don't personally like it. although, if the stones did sit right then i would keep it, as i don't have enough stones to make another. but i am looking into buying round stones. they will sit right. so hopefully it sells and it can fund more necklace adventures. buy it. now. thanks

Monday, January 04, 2010

happy belated new years. ..

i'm not a new years person and luckily neither is ben, so i don't get dragged along somewhere. especially this year since it was raining with the prospect of cancelled fireworks due to lightning storms. i have never gone out anywhere to do something 'exciting and fun' for new years while living in melbourne, it's also a mix of that i'm not much of a crowd person (unless it's a music festival of sorts because you can't get yelled at for shoving people out of the way and there's no prams).

so ben and i stayed at home and watched some films. more exciting then new years for 2007 when i was reading a magazine at home. i've celebrated more new years in brisbane with fireworks while living in melbourne, then i have actually in melbourne. but the storm this new years was nice. it was amazing having the cool change after a 30-something degree day. then when it started raining it was like ice and i had to retire inside. where it was STILL hot and had to keep the portable air con on. insane. brick houses need to learn to expel their heat.

while i was happily snapping the clouds, one particular photo freaked me out. especially since it was only visible via camera lense and not my real eyes.

you can see that right. creepy isn't it.

now onto serious two thousand ten stuffs. two oh oh nine is over and i'm glad. it didn't really being me much in forms of life altering experiences. i'm also not that fond of saying that the new year will hopefully bring me something, blah blah, because it's not like 2010 has a completely different agenda or formula for the human life. in a way it's what we make of it and i'm not really giving myself much of a headstart with such cynicism. i also don't make resolutions. i have a hard time keeping promises to ben, why would i do it for myself. i'm also a firm believer of not making promises if i know i have the chance of not doing so. it's a form of lieing. the one thing i hope 2010 brings me is a new house to live in. who do i write to for that? new years needs to have some sort of mascot. christmas has santa, easter has the bunny.

"dear 2010 fairy,

i believe i have been fairly good, in some sorts. please bring me a new house for me to scatter my clutter in more spaces.

thank you very muchly."

speaking of, i need to sleep. i'm making phone calls tomorrow for inspections for said new house.

may 2010 bring you happiness and etc.

- her.

long past due.

this post is long over due. it's been more than a week, i admit i haven't been posting as much as i was when i started. but that seems to be a habit of mine. i start something new and interesting, i go crazy with it, then it dies away when i see the next new shiny thing. short attention span. having a non-addictive personality has it's pros and cons. pros - i dont smoke nor drink. cons - i'm sure i cost my mother a pretty penny when i swapped from jazz ballet to piano lessons and something else as a child and now ben with all my crafty ventures. although i will admit i have stuck with the crafty-ness, albiet a range of different crafts (in which i need to purchase new materials) but still craft all the same. yay for me. it's progess.

which brings me to my newest projects. i've been lusting over the jeffrey campbell 99's for a while. also the alexa wedge à la acne atacomas. because i know i would never be able to afford the atacomas. when i found stock of the 99's on (half the price of what someone on ebay was selling them for), i kept my eye on them. when i saw that 4 of the sizes already sold out, not mine thank god, i clicked 'add to cart' along with a 'funktional' necklace and some happy socks.

so i'm pretty excited and i can't wait until they arrive in my post box. the next day the 99's sold out of another 3 or 4 sizes, so they only have size 8 left. but what i'm trying to get at is, when i was showing ben my prospective buys he asked if i could just make that necklace myself. it doesn't seem that hard. it's just a bunch of chain messed around. right? well if you have slight ocd in the form of, everything needs to be organised and symmetrical, then it's not as easy as a bunch of mess. i gave it a go, but because i'm always trying to have it balanced it was harder than i thought to complete an 'unorganised' mess aesthetic. plus i wasn't quite sure how i would keep the chains from moving around from my strategically placed loops and drops. my first attempt, i will admit, was kind of pathetic. so when i bought the shoes, i also bought the necklace.

as you can see its dramatically different to the funktional one. but i didnt want mine so long and i used turquoise (it matches the socks). as you can also see its pretty pathetic. the chains move around and it's no where near symmetrical which annoys me a bit. but the most annoying bit is that the chains move around too much, so it clumps together in places. i have although figured out a solution to this while i was attemping my second necklace tonight.

i love moonstone. it's one of my favourite gemstones. that and turquoise. it's needless to say that i will be taking apart the turquoise one and re-doing it completely, to something more like this one. it's not a simple task. this took me close to 2 hours, i guess if i wasn't so pedantic about how each chain falls and where, it wouldn't take as long. but it's attention to detail that really ends up making the necklace work as a whole. my mum and i bought those moonstone beads like 2 or 3 years ago at a yearly bead expo they have somewhere in eastern melbourne, so it's about time i used them. i have enough left to make another one of these that will be going on etsy. but i need to get new chain first, it's amazing how much chain goes into it.

well i think that's it on this topic. i'll be writing up another post about how its twothousandten next. i have a feeling i was going to say something else, but the mac decided to bring down the grey curtain of death and make me restart, so i've forgotten. thanks steve. i also think the length of this post makes up for the lack of posts.

- her.