Monday, May 10, 2010

pixels are good for the soul

all available now at pixels ATTACK via etsy.


please welcome my new etsy shop, pixels ATTACK!

i have so many of these perler/hama beads that i've needed to do something with it. i used to have a different etsy store agesss ago with an assortment of things including pixelwears, but i closed that shop not long after i opened it. but inspiration has come again to re-open a new store to sell my ironed goods.

this is just the beginning. i have a super awesome pixel product in the making, but it's going to be some time before i unveil that one.

for now, just enjoy the awesomeness that is pixels.

- her.

p.s: we went to the dog park today and kicked a soccer ball around for about an hour. which is great exercise but then we ruined it by having this for dessert.

apple turnovers. amazing. puff pastry + bakers apples + jaffle maker + ice cream = *drool noises

Sunday, May 09, 2010

dressing up for woolworths is a past-time of mine.

cardigan -
purple top - forever 21
black top - target
necklace - rupert & sherlock
ring - ebay / ana silver co
skirt - generic one that you get with different labels at different chain stores
bag - asos
shoes - rubi shoes

ben thinks sometimes i get too dressed up to go down to woolworths (this is tamer version of what i sometimes wear). but to be honest, it's really the only chance i get to dress up. i don't go out much. i am very much a stay-at-home-whatever. sometimes i'll wear my 4inch wedges. i go out now and then, like to shops or comedy shows/gigs but i don't go out out, like clubs and drinking. i don't mind so much if this is making me sound like a lame hermit who talks about herself.

but another part of it is that i like to make an effort when i go out. it confuses me when i go out somewhere (not just safeway, but shops) and i see people wearing daggy clothes and unbrushed oily hair. i never leave the house with sweatpants and if my hair looks oily i will wash it before i go out and dry it. i understand some people just don't have the time and i guess i have nothing but time.

the necklace i'm wearing is one that i've made myself. it's a prototype for the etsy shop and will be making an entrance at some point. if you can't wait that long email me and i'll get onto it quicker. the ring is from ebay. if i had a better camera i would take an awesome detail shot of it. it's gorgeous, it has a slight cave in it with tiny formed crystals. plus the purple dye is beautiful.

are you one for making sure you look decent before leaving the house, or you just throw on whatever you can not caring what it is?

- her.

Friday, May 07, 2010

new necklaces on etsy.

pretty self explanatory really. i've posted up two new necklaces on my rupert and sherlock etsy.

available here at US$40 each with free express post within australia.

i also have a few projects going on at the moment that i will reveal soon. which i'm excited about. one invovles an opp shop buy and that's a big deal for me because i'm not the oppshop type. i try and try but i just can't bring myself to enjoy it, or buy anything. but i'm stubborn so i'm keeping at it. i hope to bring these to you sooner rather than later...with my track record.

- her.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

home hobo.

this is what i wore yesterday to go shopping for some 'stay at home clothes'. i need a different set of clothes for going out (even grocery shopping) then when i sit at home because of sherlock. beagles are known to shed a lot, so i get covered in her hair quite quickly. PLUS she thinks she still fits in my lap for cuddles. our couch is covered in a blanket of the same colour to save the cushions and i never ever wear black inside. so stay at home clothes is pretty important for me, especially if i have visitors over. with winter coming it's even harder as i want to wear tracksuit pants and cheap baggy jumpers but i look like a hobo and i find appearance and making an effort very important to me, so it's hard to find something to wear when friends come over, or at the moment we have a friend staying for a while from japan.

so off to highpoint i went, in search for jeans and a decent hoody. now, let me tell you, i hate jeans. i have 2 pairs at the moment that i wear in and out of rotation, depending on how much take away i eat... but i am very very much a tights and skirt/dress/shorts kind of person. always tights. so me not particularly liking the long denims, i tend to be very picky. all in all, i found nothing. at all. the thing i hate most about trying to find jeans is that SO many of them have that retarded hip horse riding thing going on. bah. i don't need to look fatter than i am.

so here i am now wearing leggings in black with white hairs and a jumper. well and a cotton cheap dress from target. because we all know leggings aren't pants.

- her.

lace jacket - asos.
leopard shirt - a new purchase and an instant favourite .. holdmygold vintage via etsy
shorts - jayjays.
belt - bens.
bag - asos.