Monday, May 10, 2010

pixels are good for the soul

all available now at pixels ATTACK via etsy.


please welcome my new etsy shop, pixels ATTACK!

i have so many of these perler/hama beads that i've needed to do something with it. i used to have a different etsy store agesss ago with an assortment of things including pixelwears, but i closed that shop not long after i opened it. but inspiration has come again to re-open a new store to sell my ironed goods.

this is just the beginning. i have a super awesome pixel product in the making, but it's going to be some time before i unveil that one.

for now, just enjoy the awesomeness that is pixels.

- her.

p.s: we went to the dog park today and kicked a soccer ball around for about an hour. which is great exercise but then we ruined it by having this for dessert.

apple turnovers. amazing. puff pastry + bakers apples + jaffle maker + ice cream = *drool noises


  1. thanks for your comment lovely! Yes I too would rather just avoid any negativity but sometimes it is unavoidable... but yeah i find it much more productive to focus my energy on something positive. i feel sorry for people who have that much negativity in their lives - but really it is your own mindset and how you view life that makes you a positive or negative person. Something easily changed I think!

    Thanks for your comment, I love your blog too and your cute little things on etsy! yes bloglovin and google reader are lifesavers (i follow way too many blogs to do it any other way) :)

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