Tuesday, February 02, 2010

my new planter endeavour.

the above photo is one part of my bookcase. i love it. the rabbit is a collection of three and comes from the local gift store, cactus jam. although i'm sure you can find them other places, or could have as i got them quite some time ago. they are adorable. i love rabbits. i used to own a rabbit. but i had to let him go because he chewed power chords and attacked sherlock. he is much happier now at a farm (i'm serious about the farm, it's not a metaphor). the tiger is from the melbourne zoo.

for a while now i've been trying to buy flowers from bunnings and put them in pots and have them in my study to brighten it up. one word can sum up my efforts.


which brought me to the realisation that i've had a rather large cactus in my study for over a year now and it stayed alive and looks perfectly healthy, even though for about half a year it was neglected and forgotten about. quite seriously. i stopped using my study during winter (and we know that melbourne winter lasts nearly all year long...) so it lived next to the window, trooping on. so it clicked. i'll buy cactus's from now on, surely i can't fail at that (although i have killed cactus's in the past). so i did. so the cute little cactus in my photo (which looks like it's frosted) now lives in a cute teapcup i bought from the cheap shop. i also bought a ramekin which looks like a cupcake patty pan thing and in it lives another cactus. one of those albino grafted cacti. it's a red one, so it kind of looks like a candle.

which now brings me to the point of my story. i thought. wow. that's cute. i wonder what else. then i remebered that i've always wanted one of those donkey pulling the cart planters you find in the front yards of old ladies. i've always thought they were so cute. so i searched my favourite site etsy and i found a plethora of vintage planters. so many of them were little lambs. as cute as they were, i got a little sick of seeing them. i opened up the ones i thought were the cutest and contacted the sellers for international shipping. at this point, i got quite annoyed (and defeated even before i started collecting them) as a few of them replied that they don't ship internationally. one because theres no tracking. although there is, even signatures are required, but this lady was stubborn so no point argueing. another because it was too complex to quote accurate shipping. although a few days later she replied with a shipping quote because more of her items were inquired about so she went to the post office, so that worked out nicely. there's also a lot of sellers who just don't reply. fair enough you might be busy, but i want to give you my money... in the end these are the three i bought.

the donkey cracks me up. ben said it reminds him of pinnochio when he realises he has turned into a donkey. the horse was because it was so unique. the lamb because it was the cutest one and cheapest one available. i've spent so much money lately i couldn't spend too much and with shipping it really hurts the budget. sometimes i wish i didn't live in australia. but bens stepmum is an oppshop guru, so i think i might ask to go out with her one time and go searching. she loves it so much and i love hearing how excited she gets with her buys, some of them truly are amazing. i'm a noob with oppshops, i'm also a bit closed minded on them as well, to bens dismay. but it was just the way i was brought up.

i can't wait until they arrive so i can shove cactus's in their backs. which reminds me of the hyena's in the lion king. i wish they came as a planter.

- her.