Friday, December 25, 2009

jingle bells, batman smells.


just a random assortment of photos from our pre-christmas dinner at ben's parents place. plus some photos of our presents table. oooooh presents! i ate enough to last an atomic blast on wednesday night. but i will be eating more tomorrow! fatty fat fat. ben and i will be having a quiet one at home. but not so quiet after the food with all the groaning. mmmmmmm.

hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas with no lame gifts!

merry christmas.

- her.

ps. im going to try and get me a present now. it's 12:30 am, that's technically christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

poofy mc pom.

went to spotlight today to find some sort of stiff backing for my octavia necklace. got some interfacing, success. so i'll be finishing that up tomorrow, plus i added some extra chains to it and it looks heaps better. so stay tuned for them on etsy! also decided to buy some wool to make pompoms for my head. cause thats clearly the only place pompoms belong.

hot glued onto a barette clip. since they are so simple, quick and cute i might put them up on sale on etsy for cheap. i saw one on there that's slightly smaller and it was US$10 ! crazy. plus i don't have the patience to knit, so i have lots of wool now that i need to use.

i also don't intentionally hide my face in my photos, just so happens the better photos are where my face isn't actual shown properly (plus it's more artistically creative.... or something). our photo up there in the side bar has my full face, so i'm not shy.

- her.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

off the runway sale.

off the runway is having a 30% sale on their bags, jewellery and shoes at the moment. nothing really caught my eye except for the Tom Binns necklaces but even with the sale price it's still out of my budget. maybe someone else will find something they like.

- her.

Monday, December 14, 2009

made it dot com.

Just finished posting my items on it's pretty much the australian equivalent of etsy. what's even better is that i'm pretty much the only person doing leather cuffs. there's only one other cuff on there and it's not very girly. so yay for me.

- her.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

i'm a PRO. ... crastinationator.

well. i still havent finished my redecorating. i'm kind of stuck on where to go from here. but i will say that the only reason i'm redecorating is because the jeffrey campbell clinic shoes fell through (possibly cause of a dodgy ebay seller) so i spent all my money at ikea instead. with still more to buy. oh ikea, i should be a stock holder.

cardigan - supré
dress - no name from ebay
belt - no name
skirt - rupert&sherlock
shoes - michael antonio

wore that the other day to go to the op shop to buy some little golden books for a project i'm doing. i only found one though. so ebay is my friend and ive got a few more. but those shoes i'm wearing are new i got from the states. they are super tall (they don't look it in the photo but they are close to 5" with a platform). the highest shoes i own. they defy my gravity skills plus they also exaggerate every bump and slope in the uneven footpaths. they are also half a size too big (ssshhh don't tell ben) but cause of the straps it's no real problem. i also look like i'm dancing with myself. la la la.


to the left is a new prototype for a necklace i'm working on. its got a leather backing with, well obviously chains. i think it's a bit lacking and needs more chains. it also doesn't stay very flat and that, i need a stiff backing on it. don't know what to use yet though. so i'm going to work on that tomorrow. or something. i believe i have too many projects to do at once.

just cause it's funny that someone went to the effort to wash the jar out then return it to the shelf.

- her.

EDIT: i just realised the title says procrastinationator. it was originally 'pro. crastination'. then i added the 'ator' without deleting the 'tion'. i'm not going to change it though. it's funny.

Friday, December 11, 2009

a quick memo. new delivery.

just a super quick hello because otherwise my next post isn't going to be for a while. i'm redecorating my study area, so i guess this is a procrastination post. but i also wanted to share with you my new purchase/delivery. i've been waiting to buy these shoes for AGES. they are vintage pumps from etsy and the seller went on holiday for nearly two months when i was going to buy them. but they are finally mine! such an amazing bright pink colour. i have to wear socks or stockings with them cause the toecap bit is not large enough and you can see my toes.

i don't like it when you can see toes in closed toe'd shoes. it makes the shoe look too big or makes your toes look really squished and fat. blargh.

- her.

ps. this procrastination post was too small for my procrastination purposes. need to find something else to do. if only the screens on gameboys were brighter, i'd play pokemons.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

louboutin super chic hooker.

"we get very smart women coming in and buying a pair to feel a little more slut-tish. and then, thank god, we also get the hookers coming in the store, who buy my shoes because they are super chic".
- Christian Louboutin.

i have a story.

i went to the post office to post off my first sale on my rupert&sherlock leather cuffs (how excitement). the line was fairly long for such a small post office. i noticed one of the ladies inside had a walking stick, she was older, maybe late 40's (i say older because i'm only 23 and clearly anything over 30 is older for me, i don't mean she was 'old') and she was larger in size as well (which is only exaggerated by the tiny tiny space in between the aisles there). so there she is, standing in line with her walking stick and what type of shoes does this lady wear? wedge heels. i thought this to be highly irresponsible, considering she had a walking stick. we all know we are not meant to wear heels blah blah, but surely she must know that heels would not be beneficial or aiding her in any way while having some sort of reason for a walking stick. it wasn't the sort of walking stick you get prescribed for an injury, it was a hooked old man's type of walking stick. one that you use for an indefinite amount of time, like the rest of your life indefinite. plus she already had a prominent hump from slouching, i gather, her whole life. i know this must sound like one big bitch session, but some people are too irresponsible these days and we really need to look after ourselves better. and if something was to come up, to take care of it and not hinder it. at least she was smart enough not to be wearing louboutins. then again i could be completely wrong and those shoes are actually more comfortable for her.

take care and look after yourself people.

- her.

Monday, December 07, 2009

birds go tweet tweet at sunrise.

still awake and i can now hear the birds making their songs. which inspired me to make a fashion and etsy (cause i haven't done one for a while. i think) post. i should open photoshop and do my photos for the post first. just a moment please. .... thanks for your patience.

alexander mcqueen for his spring 2008 collection. yes i know it's old and was presented in october of 2007, but that doesn't lessen its relevance or amazing-inity of it. personally, i don't like the print and colours of the middle dress but that's cause i'm not much of a crazy print person. i tend to stay true to my florals and plaid. although the feather detail of the dress on either end, is just superb. it looks out-there but demure at the same time. i think that might be because of the colour palette and the partly sombre expression of the model, natasha poly. it's divine none-the-less.

they're not as avant garde as mcqueen, but that's a good thing for us everyday folk. the two shrugs/capelets/collars are still pretty statementy when it comes to feathers. i love them so much, especially how it's black with an iridescent/oil lustre through the tips. the blackness of it means it's more versatile and easier to pull off. i'm looking at buying the feathers as-is and making one of my own. works out to be cheaper and it will be more special that way. then the two peacock pieces in the middle, are well, just beautiful. i can't ever really go past peacock feathers. they truely are the most majestic in the bird world.

- her.

p.s. i'm pretty sure it's time for bed. 6:51am. or maybe it's breakfast time?

need to go to jeffrey campbell clinic. asap.

i know. i know. i'm a bit late on the up-take. well, very late. like white rabbit late. how late am i? late enough to know that the jeffrey campbell clinic wedges are sold out everywhere. i've been trawling the internets for days trying to find it somewhere. it's 4.10am right now, that's how obsessed i am.

gargh. i want. nay. need them so bad. i think i've found a pair that i might be able to get my hands on. i just need to get those said hands on some money first. i'm not telling anyone my source, except for ben, cause i need his semi-permission. selfish. i know. do i care? no way.

plus i want to go see owl city. except he is the supporting act for cobra starship. boo. we are really contemplating going to see his act, then leave. he is so swoon worthy.

i should sleep. but i'm not tired. ah internet fuelled insomia.

- her.

Friday, December 04, 2009

splatter me pink.

necklace - kookaï.
shirt - jayjays
cardigan - supré
skirt - target
pump wedges - muifashion @ eBay.

went to spotlight because i'm a self sadistic fool. i saw a belt on by fiona paxton and didn't want to pay $400 for it, plus the style didn't really appeal to me but the concept did. so i decided i wanted to try and make one myself. stupid. it's a waisted belt, made from bugle beads. you know those tiny long beads (tiny long.. makes sense. kind of). they are all sewed one next to the other to make a pattern. when at spotlight i realised how many beads i would have to get to make it, so i'm going to test it out in a miniature cuff sized version first. see how long it takes and whether it will be possible to do a belt version. i think i'm going away to the parents' farm over christmas so i'll have tons of time then, seeing as there's nothing else to do on an olive grove.

- her.


yep. what it says up there. even though i don't think anyone's read this blog yet, you can follow it.

make mine revlon, with a side of marc.

it's pretty definite for me that my favourite nail lacquer (la di dah) is revlon. their coating is superb. no need for a second or third coat if you are in a rush. it goes on fairly opaque, compared to other cheaper brands. i bought a mint green bys nail colour the other day, the first coating was so clear, i couldn't be bothered finishing the rest. the colours above are from no specific range, just the ones i liked or own myself. i have the plum seduction which is actually new from their spring selection and it was two weeks before it started chipping. usually my colour chips in less than a week. i was amazed.

looking at these colours more closely it reminded me of a designer i so adore. you probably know from the post title, or just because you can see the colour palette as well. marc jacobs. more specifically the marc by marc jacobs spring ready to wear 2010 collection.

you can see the connection right? i love marc jacobs, i particularly love that he isn't afraid to use bolds and short skirts for his fall collections. the collection above that presented at new york in september was nothing short of bold. the juxtaposing patterns and contrasting colours was all very confident. some of the patterns dabbled into the 'tribal' look that is growing and said to of started in louis vuittons' fall 2009 show. although it was more shown in their accessories, bags and shoe range rather than prints. these said shoes are now available in a myriad of stores by different brands.

the colour palette in this show is also shared with some of his fall 2009 show. which is case and point to what i wrote earlier about not being scared to use colour in fall, where it's mostly drowned with greys and blacks. fall and winter is always sad for me because i don't wear browns or greys but weather wise it's my favourite season. i dress like marc jacobs would want me to dress, in bold tights, skirts, bright cardigans and a leather jacket. i dress like this all year round actually. then again being in melbourne, it's like a twelve month long winter. awesome.

- her.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

my first outfit post virginity scandal.

gah. subjecting to the masses. or maybe it's just cause i think i dress awesome and you should all see it. KA BLOOM (that was my head). i just really love the outfit posts of the other bloggers i follow via bloglovin'. it inspires me at times to experiment more with what i have or also what i need to buy. my favourite bloggers are hot chocolate & mint, fashion toast and style bubble. if any of you people who haven't started reading my blog yet have any others i should take a look at, let me know.

well. this is my first outfit post. i wore this to the Ted E. Bears farewell tour. it was well humorous. apart from the killer reverse park i had to do in this tiny little parking lot with a larger than normal car and a missing side mirror (damn you driver who drove off). thank you mr. parking attendant man who helped guide me in.

cardigan - supré.
dress - don't ask amanda (i love their clothes so much).
necklace - sportsgirl.
clutch - rupert&sherlock.
wedge pumps - muifashion @ eBay

you will also find, with the more outfit posts i do, i practically cannot live without a cardigan and tights.

also the clutch managed to pass the test. but i really need to find a way to close the opening properly because it was always moving around and not sitting right and i'm really really picky about things sitting perfect. it's like my own ocd, need to have things lined up, straight, put back properly on shelves et cetera. but that's a good thing. now fix up your tie. please.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i love wedges. with sour cream and sweet chilli.

got these in the mail today! from the uk. they arrived so quick. i don't usually expect things from the uk for like 3 weeks, but i'm not complaining! they are my first tan shoes, my first sandal shoes AND my first platform shoes. for going out on a limb and trying something new, i am so happy with them! they are sooooo comfortable, it's like walking on marshmallows. i could've said clouds, but to walk on said clouds you would have to be really high up in the sky which would render you breathless and you would just fall. for a long time. whereas you can walk on marshmallows to make the comparison. althought i haven't. but i do know microwaving marshmallows on chocolate biscuits is amazing. anyway. they are so comfy i was so suprised. i got told to shut up numerous times from ben... oops.

then going into ninewest because of the 50% off signs adorning the window, i came across these beautiful shoes. when they first came out a few months ago i thought they only came in green and i'm not really a green person BUT they come in black! yay. AND they had my size. amazing. so with ben being also amazing he bought them for me for christmas. boo. i have to wait.

rupert & sherlock ♥'s etsy

i am so smart. s. m. a. t.

i've added a java from etsy to our sidebar.

check it out.


prototype one. cleared.

ok. so i started on this a lot sooner than i thought i would. i usually use the weekends for my sewing. but thanks to summer programming, i had nothing better to do. don't get me started on what they've replaced M*A*S*H with.... ALSO, we have recently aquired the ps3 playtv, which records shows, pauses tv and all that. it's amazing (playstation, please forward me an endorsement cheque). so watching tv when it's actually on tv, is no longer a need. if i must sew, i can watch it later, plus ben has a really really bad habit of talking during the only 2 or 3 shows i watch religiously... now i can PAUSE, let him babble on and then watch him walk away during the ads.

SO, my clutch. after all my brainstorming yesterday or the day before.. i cut out all my pieces today (well i didn't actually cut out all the pieces, as you can tell that the strap and buckle part of the design is missing) and then proceeded to figure out how they should all go together. although the design looks fairly simple, it was more complicated than i thought as i have a problem sometimes putting things on backwards cause i loathe working off proper bought patterns and instructions. i much much prefer making things up as i go. i have tons of patterns i've bought from lincraft and such but i've never actually finished any of them, or started. i really thought i was going to stuff up the zip/inside zip pocket bit but i managed to pull that off nicely, cept the stitching isnt quite straight.. at one point i thought i completely messed it all up because the bottom of it all wasnt lining up when it was inside out. flipping it the right way round and everything was fine. because i completely forgot about the strap and buckle, i put in the pyramid studs instead. i think it looks pretty cool with the pastel teal colour. sewing the inside lining was difficult, as i think i shouldv'e sewed that in before sewing it all together. so the inside seams are a bit scruffy, but it's inside so you can't see it.

ummmm. i think that's about it. it's turned out better than i thought for a first sample but i'll definitely have to work on it if i want to put them up in my etsy store (need more leather!). which is actually up now! you can find my things at . i have a few cuffs up in different colours, headbands and clutches/bags to follow. i think as well as making the proper achimedes with buckle, i'll do a range with the pyramid studs. i'm also currently working on a design for a larger bag which will prove to be my downfall.

going to see ted e bears farewell tour tomorrow night(well technically tonight). should be good fun. i'll use my new clutch, take it out for a test drive.

vroom VROOM.

- her.