Sunday, May 02, 2010

home hobo.

this is what i wore yesterday to go shopping for some 'stay at home clothes'. i need a different set of clothes for going out (even grocery shopping) then when i sit at home because of sherlock. beagles are known to shed a lot, so i get covered in her hair quite quickly. PLUS she thinks she still fits in my lap for cuddles. our couch is covered in a blanket of the same colour to save the cushions and i never ever wear black inside. so stay at home clothes is pretty important for me, especially if i have visitors over. with winter coming it's even harder as i want to wear tracksuit pants and cheap baggy jumpers but i look like a hobo and i find appearance and making an effort very important to me, so it's hard to find something to wear when friends come over, or at the moment we have a friend staying for a while from japan.

so off to highpoint i went, in search for jeans and a decent hoody. now, let me tell you, i hate jeans. i have 2 pairs at the moment that i wear in and out of rotation, depending on how much take away i eat... but i am very very much a tights and skirt/dress/shorts kind of person. always tights. so me not particularly liking the long denims, i tend to be very picky. all in all, i found nothing. at all. the thing i hate most about trying to find jeans is that SO many of them have that retarded hip horse riding thing going on. bah. i don't need to look fatter than i am.

so here i am now wearing leggings in black with white hairs and a jumper. well and a cotton cheap dress from target. because we all know leggings aren't pants.

- her.

lace jacket - asos.
leopard shirt - a new purchase and an instant favourite .. holdmygold vintage via etsy
shorts - jayjays.
belt - bens.
bag - asos.

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