Saturday, January 30, 2010


yes. thats right. you can pre order your pair of jeffrey campbell's clinic wedge.

selling for only $179.95 at these babies are selling upward of $300 on eBay. theres a limit of 3 per customer. so buy in now and sell on later to make some monies! but keep a pair for yourself, naturally. only sizes US 8, 9 and 10 are left but they said if you don't get in this time round, they will have more at a later date. if i knew they were bringing these shoes back i wouldn't of spent nights searching for them and then win a bidding war for an *ahem* undisclosed amount of money. (ben, don't hate on me. how was i to know?) plus they have free international shipping for orders over $199. which shouldn't be that hard considering all the other shoes they have on offer.

news flash. size 10 is now out of stock. doesn't take long for these loverly shoes to sell does it. sigh. while you are getting some shoes for yourself, buy me a pair of xenon's will you? size 8. you're amazing. thanks!

- her.

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  1. uh oh this is a problem - I am lusting after so many jeffrey campbells right now and just found more to love. am definitely going to have to put in an order - would love to try them on first but suppose I can always sell on ebay if they aren't perfect.

    now to decide...mary rocks in nude or grey? ooo could easily go both and spend way too much money!