Tuesday, April 27, 2010


FINALLY, finally, finally gotten around to taking photos of my necklaces to post up on etsy. it's been quite some time. i did take some a few weeks ago, inside, at night, with some bright lights but it made everything orange and not even photoshop could fix it. so i gathered up all my motivation for the month and took them today. i've only uploaded a few for the moment, as spreading them out over time makes for the best exposure.

on sale now at rupert and sherlock.

the set of necklaces above is my metamorphosis series. the center necklace is the base then you buy the attachments separate to suit your mood, mix and match. i was quite pleased with myself when i thought of this one. plus it means not having to spend lots of money on buying a new necklace each time. so far i only have the two turquoise nugget attachments shown here, but there will be quite an assortment to come.

the necklace im wearing in this photo is one yet to be released. it is made from the most beautiful faceted druzy agate in a wonderful navy colour. i bought two lots of these beads lengths before i even started using them. i adore them so much. this one is my own, as i said in my previous post, i make them then end up keeping them myself. but luckily i have still quite a few leftover so it will be making an appearance in my etsy store.

i will also be updating my photos on my already existing cuffs plus adding some new colours i have made up. plus some limited edition ones (they have vintage heart shaped studs on them, available in limited quantity....minus the ones i keep for myself...)

so please check out my store regularly for new items. i am also open to doing custom orders or wholesale. i have also updated it so postage in australia is now free and it's express! if there is a listing with postage still charged, contact me to change it or i will refund it after payment.

- her.

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