Friday, April 23, 2010

i got lost.

sooooo. it's been a while. quite some while. i tend to do that. i have a very short attention span. my mother always hated that. by the time i got to early teens she kind of gave up on me. in a sense that when i wanted to start new things, she would say why bother? cause i would just end up quitting them early anyway. which is fair enough on her end cause i'm sure all the jazz ballet, trampoline acrobats, piano lessons ended up costing lots of money in the end. i remember when i was in high school i wanted to join basketball. but she said i would just quit but i'm stubborn so i wanted to prove her wrong. geez, was that hard. first of all the other girls playing in the team were the 'a-group girls' of high school where i didn't fit in. then i never had my own top. for some reason when they ordered in new ones for the season i just didn't get one, so i had to either borrow one from the team that played before us in the younger grade, or find a yellow or white shirt. bullshit. then because i wasn't 'one of them' i never got passed the ball, regardless if i was open. BUT i stuck it through, i don't even remember where we placed, that's how involved i was in it by the end. funniest thing though once, i went with my two best guy friends and i didn't have a uniform, he although had a yellow shirt. so being the wonderful guy he is, he let me borrow his shirt during the game, while he wore my shirt! the buttons were pulling across his chest and he couldn't move his arms much. bless him.

but i digress. i knew this would happen with the blog. i tried to make myself post regularly, but i just can't, it's not who i am. and i have lots and lots of time on my hands, i'm at home everyday. but, i have some hope. i've come back to it. which is a good sign. i also have lots and lots of things to update with seeing i've been gone for so long. i've made tons of necklaces and my cuffs have picked up also. I made lots of purchases to show off, mainly all online from the UK. i've actually made like 4 orders from in the past month or something. addicted.

a quick timeline of the past 2 months and time for some photos. too much text is daunting when i go on other blogs.

february - fairly, umm, boring? nothing happened much. saw taking back sunday and jimmy eat world. they were both fairly amazing.

march - received a big wholesale order for my cuffs, 60 of them. i was so happy and joyed that i was able to do something with my time and that my cuffs were getting out there. they went to the states, then onto europe for a show, i can't wait until i receive a response on how it all went. was also my birthday. went and saw alice in wonderland, was a bit disappointed, lots to say about it, but not the time. oh, saw owl city at the hifi. loved it so much. great production, i thought it was just going to be adam onstage, but he had 2 strings, 2 keyboardists one of them a guitarist and a drummer. it was beautiful, hes also adorable.

april - less busy, saw frank woodley and david o'doherty for the melb comedy festival. and just spring cleaning, in the wrong hemisphere.

i've made lots of necklaces to post up on etsy, but i'll dedicate a post on that when i photoshop the images, cause they are all yellow from the camera. bah.


a friend i made. he came into my home and our hearts. then i moved him into our lemon tree.

i made heaps of these the other night. hilarious. i photoshopped the stick out on the others so it looks better.

i'll write up a more dedicated post to something next time, rather than the load of crap i've just done. sorry. i got carried away. it's been a while

- her.

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