Saturday, April 24, 2010


a. necklaces by beijo flor. b. necklaces and bangles by sparklecouture.

for as long as i can remember i've had a love for druzy and agate slices alike. i remember when i discovered them and found it such a treat when i could buy one or two at the new-age healing stone faerie shops (you know the ones) when i went to the mall with my mum and grandma for the movies and shopping. i still have those somewhere, in a box. but my love for them has re-surfaced and i can't get enough.

i've been trawling ebay and etsy to find supplies of them wholesale so i can make my own necklaces, for my own use and for sale on rupert&sherlock. the trouble with this is that, each stone is unique and different, so you will never ever be able to have them all. a bit like pokémon. i am constantly finding new ones that amaze me and make me need to buy them, otherwise someone else will and it, will then obviously, not be mine. which is not an option. i find them ever so much more fascinating than diamonds, to my partners approval (he doesn't really agree with the whole diamond thing).

i have a small collection at the moment of both slices and the geodes but am at a loss at how to use them. i want to make it a bit more interesting then just linking them on some chain as a pendant. i've made one so far that i adore, but the problem is, i now keep it for myself. quite a few necklaces i've made with the intention to sell, ends up on a hook in my bedroom instead and with agate it's even worse because there's only ever one of that style... another issue is that a lot of my slices aren't drilled but i haven't quite managed to drill them myself yet. i tried one form of drillbit with no results, so now i'm waiting for some new ones from china. bunnings has nothing and they referred me to a hobby shop and i assume that would cost a bit of money. no thanks. i need all my money to buy stones. as some of them can end of costing quite a bit. especially at the quantities i want to buy them...

what are your favourite type of stones and gems?

- her.

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